Robert Nasveld Music for after anything 2001.91-92

  • 2001.91-92.


2 cd – Robert Nasveld
Music for after anything

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2 cd – Robert Nasveld
Music for after anything

Preparation for coma (1974/93)
Imaginations I (1978)
I touch you (1980)
Three pieces for two pianos, eight hands (1982)
Triplum (1978)
Monument (1991)
Miljoenen Guldens (1997)

Music for after anything (1998)
Soundscape (1984)
Stringquartet I (2000)
Music for the billions (1998)

Robert Nasveld, piano
Frank van Koten, oboe

Zephyr String Quartet
Anna McMichael & Linda Forbes – violin
Elisabeth Smalt – viola
John Addison – cello

NYYD Ensemble – Olari Elts – conductor